Where to enjoy a meal in the Piraeus area

Where to enjoy a meal in the Piraeus area


Mikrolimano is a natural harbor situated in the Piraeus region, approximately 3.5 kilometers from the principal ferry terminal in Piraeus and 10 kilometers from the heart of Athens. Its name, which means “small port,” aptly reflects the feeling of being on an island that you experience here more than anywhere else! This picturesque harbor is lined with seafood restaurants, cafes, and bars. It’s a great place to enjoy a meal and take in the beautiful views of the harbor.

Mikrolimano Aerial View


The renowned “all-day” destination in Mikrolimano that offers a variety of options for every hour of the day or night. Located just a stone’s throw from the Greek coastline and featuring a menu inspired by Mediterranean cuisine.

2.Horizon rooftop of senses

The serene and beautifully adorned environment boasts comfortable seating options both indoors and outdoors, offering picturesque views of the harbor. Additionally, it provides a diverse selection of brunch options, as well as a fusion of Italian, French, International, Mediterranean, and Greek culinary delights for lunch or dinner.


Lollobrigida is a genuine Italian Gastrobar with a fresh approach to cuisine inspired by its neighboring country. It presents a range of delectable options for both breakfast and an exquisite dining experience, including sweet and savory treats.


Vosporos The Orient Relish restaurant, is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Piraeus and promises to travel you to the East world through the flavors of Politiki Kuzina that distinguishes itself with its delectable appetizers and a wide array of dishes that evoke nostalgic memories through their enticing aromas and rich flavors.

5.Don Quixote Bar

The panoramic view from Don Quixote’s wooden, almost medieval-style balcony is breathtaking, featuring the sea in the foreground and extending as far as Lycabettus and the Acropolis to the north, with the entire illuminated beach to the south. The musical offerings primarily consist of rock and more, and the menu features a limited but exquisite selection of desserts as well as a diverse range of cocktails and beverages.


Under the guidance of the acclaimed Michelin-awarded Chef Lefteris Lazarou, the culinary team of Varoulko Seaside Restaurante skillfully prepares exceptional seafood creations that enthrall the senses. They artfully combine both classic and modern flavors in a seamless culinary masterpiece. Varoulko Seaside maintains its enduring presence in the realm of gourmet dining, with a specialization in the art of seafood cuisine. MICHELIN

Marina Zeas

Zea Marina ranks among the Mediterranean’s premier super yacht marinas. This port boasts a rich ancient history as it once served as a naval base where triremes were constructed, with remnants of the base’s ancient walls still present within the marina. This fully-equipped marina offers contemporary amenities and services with a plethora of activities within easy walking distance.

Zeas Marina by night


Barong Lounge Restaurant and coffee bar is situated right on the waterfront of Zea Marina in Piraeus, offering a wonderful view of the sailing boats. It blends delectable cuisine with a selection of both coffee and cocktails while the portions are generous and the staff is exceptionally welcoming and accommodating. The prices might seem slightly higher than average, nevertheless they remain reasonably affordable.


At Marina Zeas, Pancho’s Cantina & Coctelería Mexicana offers a warm welcome from its friendly staff every morning. With a touch of Mexican flair, traditional Tequilerias, and sensational recipes crafted after thorough research and study, they invite us to indulge in our shared passion for the rich flavors and aromatic delights of the tequila homeland.


Indulge in a delightful morning at Rocambolesco Gelato & Brunch, where the enchanting sea view of Marina Zeas sets the perfect backdrop for a wonderful start to your day. Explore a variety of tempting brunch options that promise to elevate not only your breakfast but also lunch experience.


Now for a more unique dining experience, Ten Modern Asia presents an enticing blend of seafood, sushi, Japanese, and Asian cuisines that transport you to a distinct culinary realm. Beyond its diverse menu, the restaurant caters to various occasions, offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, late-night options, and an array of drinks to complement every moment.

5.Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joe at Marina Zeas in Piraeus invites you to experience an American Lifestyle setting, complete with captivating decor that’s picture-worthy and delectable dishes that are a must-try for everyone. The staff’s unwavering professionalism and warm customer interactions have set them apart, making Sloppy Joe the ultimate, buzz-worthy local hotspot.

Piraeus center & Pasalimani

Piraeus offers a diverse range of entertainment options, with numerous tavernas and restaurants that are well-known for their exceptional cuisine.

Piraeus City – Port Aerial View


Che Cocina & Barra Sudamericana, provides an all day colorful trip leading you to the heart of the historic Piraeus port. Experience it’s a harmonious blend of diverse flavors, exotic scents, set against a laid-back Latin American ambiance, complemented by exceptional cocktails.


At Mardi Coffee & Wine Bar, they recognize the significance of starting your day with a great cup of coffee. Every morning, they are there to provide you with a delightful hot or cold coffee experience, whether you choose to enjoy it in the picturesque courtyard of Piraeus or the inviting nooks of their bistro. Whether you opt for the outdoor charm or the cozy indoors, you’ll discover that perfect spot that feels like your favorite corner.

3.King George

King George XIV is situated in the central part of Piraeus city, adjacent to various shops. It offers an ideal setting for relaxation or enjoying a fine dining experience in a delightful environment.


Darling The Bar, aims for a delightful fusion of genuine food, spirited music, and vibrant company, all there to accommodate people with the most exceptional experience possible.

Published on January 18, 2024