Run the Authentic Marathon and keep your New Year’s Resolution

Run the Authentic Marathon and keep your New Year’s Resolution

It is the beginning of the year and many of us set our New Year’s Resolutions. Stay fit, healthy and lose weight appear to be among our top choices annually. Someone may claim that the life expectancy of these goals is normally about 3-4 weeks. Around February, beaten from the resistance, most of us end up being in the group of that 92% who fail to keep their New Year’s goals. So why do we keep doing that? Why do we set every year’s resolution even though we didn’t stay on track with the last year ones? Firstly, because undoubtedly, people who aim at something are more likely to achieve it rather than those who do not. Moreover, the hope for a change is stronger than reality itself. So, if you have already decided to take up running in your life this year here comes the ideal reward in order to overcome the 4 week psychological barrier.

Run the Athens classic (authentic) Marathon in November

Athens Marathon, is also named authentic, as it is the first Marathon in history. The revival took place during the contemporary Olympic Games of 1896, after the suggestion of French Linguist Michel Breal in commemoration of the distance Pheidippides (the messenger who announced the Greeks the victory over the Persians) ran. The length runners have to cover is 42,195 km and constant effort is required, that is why it is consider along with The Marathon of Boston hard and demanding.

    Panathenaic stadium

Just started, can I run a marathon?

The training time for every participant has to do with various number of factors like his physical situation, whether he is an experienced runner or not and of course if he desires to set specific goals for the road race, i.e his personal finish time. If you are a newcomer, you are gonna need approximately 18 to 22 weeks of training.  The training and the races themselves may be stressful so the gradual progress seems to be the most effective plan so as not to get hurt both physically and mentally. An amalgam of psychological well being, physical and mental integrity is required. There is always the option to challenge yourself during the 5km or the 10 km race and learn the basic skills that will help you complete longer distances. It does not matter if your are a beginner or an experienced runner, you can join the Athens Authentic Marathon and finish at the Panathenaic Stadium. The time limit of the race is 8 hours but you can also walk the finish line. Be goal-oriented and keep training.

What’s next?

Early registration is required to secure your participation, as they automatically close once the participation limit per race is met. After that, organize your itinerary, book your tickets and your accommodation not only just to save money from early booking but perceive it as a motivation to be loyal to your training process. Once your trip schedule is finalized save time and let Baggagement transfer or store your luggage between the Airport and your accommodation. If you manage to stay more and enjoy Athens, you will have gained from everything.


Running your own Marathon Race

Your reward will be great! No matter the time you finish the race, you are a winner having set a goal, pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and achieved something you might had doubted you could carry out. You will reach the finish line in a unique stadium surrounded by an atmosphere incomparable to that of any other race. Be a participant of Athens Marathon, become a modern Pheilippidis and announce to yourself the message of Victory having eventually succeeded something that a few complete; accomplish your New Year’s Resolution.

Published on January 3, 2019