General Questions

1. Is there a maximum weight/length per bag?-Are there any restrictions for the bag transferred and/or stored?
We store and transfer any suitcase, bag or backpack that weighs up to 36 kg. (79lbs) and have the maximum dimensions of 90x45x45. For excess baggage you have to send us an email at and notify us on the exact dimensions and weight of the bag that you want to transfer.
2. I have a valuable item in my luggage, can I leave it?
In Baggagement we take the safety of your bag very seriously. The handling and the delivery of your bag is done carefully to ensure that there are no damages, and it is stored in the secured and with CCTV surveillance premises in Piraeus. Your bag has standard insurance cover up to 600€ in case of loss. Baggagement will not accept any claim for valuable items in your luggage.
3. Do you accept bikes/crates/ sports equipment? / What sort of things can I store/ transfer with Baggagement?
In Baggagement we store and transfer your bikes your pet crates, any sports equipment and any musical instrument.
4. Where does Baggagement deliver? Do you deliver to residential addresses?
Apart from luggage delivery to the port and to the airport Baggagement serves luggage delivery to any residential area in Attica area (hotels and Airbnb’s included)
5. Can someone else collect my bag?
It is possible if you have nominated a friend while placing your order. You just need to inform him that identification documents will be required by Baggagement representative in order to confirm his identity before luggage collection.
6. How long does it take to, to deliver my bag to the agreed destination?
Baggagement needs a four hour window to pick up and deliver your bags.