Booking Questions

1. How can I make a booking?
You can book our service online (the link ) setting the date, the time and the place of pickup and delivery. When you book the service, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. One of our agents will contact you soon for all the details.
2. Does transfer service include storage service?
If you choose to book our transfer service, storage service is included.
3. Can I book the same day I need my bags to be stored/transferred?
Yes you can contact us the same day you need your luggage to be stored or transferred, however we always recommend our customers to book the service in advance not only to ensure a smooth pickup and delivery but also to avoid any disappointment (such as in cases of traffic congestion, booked time slots and limited capacity).
4. Do I need to book in advance?/ how far I advance should I book the service?
We always recommend our customers to book the service at least 24 hours before desirable luggage collection. That way, a smooth pickup and delivery is ensured and you avoid any disappointment.
5. Can I extend my booking?
You can surely extend your booking. Just contact us and we will amend delivery date and/or time.
6. Can I change the number of bags stored?
If you have booked our transfer or storage service for less bags than those you actually have, do not worry as you can add bags even last minute and pay the additional fee by cash or credit card.
7. Can the luggage delivery date be different from that of pick up?
This is possible, as Baggagement provides not only same day luggage transfer but also long and short term storage.