Five reasons to visit Athens now

Five reasons to visit Athens now

Undoubtedly Athens is considered to be a summer time get away destination worldwide. The picturesque beaches and the numerous islands with the sparkling waters under the heating sun, located a stone’s throw from Athens encourages that. The true is that Athens is beautiful all seasons. Especially now in the heart of Spring, Athens appears to be the ideal destination if you find yourself craving the warmth of the summer sun and all the activities that come along with it. Let’s take a look at my 5 top of mind reasons, why Athens worth considering a visit right now.

1. The Brightest Spring

Athens is one of the warmest cities in Europe. The weather is warm but not  hot as it is during the summer months that follow. The chance of raining is small and when the sun goes down a light jacket is all you need. If you are one of those brave you can enjoy swimming as the temperature of the most Greek seas is approximately 20(68℉) . In the following table you can find useful information regarding the weather


2. Cheap flight, Cheaper Accommodation than Summer

As summer approaches, prices will continue to rise. Grab the chance to take advantage of the numerous Spring offers airline companies promote. Well, the more flexible we are regarding the dates, the lower the price would be. As for accommodation  the options are multiplying and the rates are very low compared to those of summer. For instance, a double room at  a 5 star Hotel located in the center of Athens costs around 150€, while there are cozy apartments with Acropolis view, starting at 50€ per night available.

3. Ancient sites without all the summer crowds

Athens is a modern city surrounded by its ancient history. Some of the main highlights of the city like the Parthenon, the Panathenaic Stadium, the Acropolis museum and the Archeological museum are open and the tickets are also cheaper. You will also discover that there are fewer crowds which means no lines and no waiting. At the same time, the surrounding areas like Plaka which get pretty touristy and packed during peak season, are now offered to navigate without the masses. Modern culture is for many as important as enjoying the ancient ruins and for sure Athens has a lot to offer in this field of interest, too. The National Museum of contemporary Art and the Greek National Opera worth a visit especially on a not so sunny spring day.

4. Stay out

The warm weather and the blooming nature  constitute the ideal scenery to stay out. Choose a tavern and have your meal in its courtyard, walk by the sea while drinking your Greek iced coffee or have a drink surrounded by locals in the center of the city.


5. Easter celebration

Easter in Greece is celebrated with rooted customs. During holly week, the faithful Christians attend the liturgy, including the revival of Jesus’ last days until His Resurrection celebrated  a few minutes before midnight on holly Saturday.  The combination of fireworks , the light of candles and the traditional hymns, make the atmosphere enchanting.   Choose a  chapel in the area of Plaka, Syntagma or Lycabettus and be a part of the biggest event of the year in the Orthodox Church. Traditionally, all important Greek fests are accompanied with delicious food tasted mainly this season such as maghiritsa (a kind of lamp stew), tsureki (easter bread decorated with red eggs), kokoretsi (lamp intestines) not to mention the feast of lamp. Easter Sunday is undoubtedly one of the most lively days, celebrated throughout Athens but especially in narrow streets of Plaka. This year holy week falls between 22nd and 28th of April.


Like an Athenian

Travelers can discover the beauty of Athens across every season but spring time is a good time to visit the city. Not only is it cooler and more affordable but also not following the tourist trail will give you the chance to experience the city as locals do. Baggagement offers a service of all seasons. Don’t miss  your walks around sunny neighborhoods in Athens because of early check out or late check-in! Place your order online and take advantage of Baggagement luggage storage services offered.

Published on February 19, 2019